Monday, November 5, 2007

Autumn Drive to Grand Rapids

Maple, oak, birch and poplar leaves were brilliant on the weekend of October 28, and the Grand Rapids Marathon... These maples decorated the lawn along the street where the marathon started and finished.
Spectacular color
Autumn color cheered our drive on Friday across Wisconsin on HWY29. Making the drive over in 2 days, we stayed in Mackinaw City on Friday night. Saturday morning we made the rest of the 14 hour drive.

Our return trip through lower Michigan was especially enjoyable, as the sun was behind us, lighting up the leaves from Grand Rapids ....

Oh delight
... to the Mackinac Bridge.
Bridge not falling down!
Big Rock Point in the Upper Peninsula
U P shore
Northernmost point of Lake Michigan.
Look all the way to Chicago!
So we sure did get our fall color drive, and it was magnificent.
Unendingly lovely


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I love bridges. I've never been over the bridge over the Upper Pennisula but that looks like it would be a great bridge to run over during a race. One of my favorite races was a 10K over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge by Annapolis in the spring 2006. From the Eastern Shore, two miles up to the highest point, two miles back to land on the western side and a two mile flat run to the finish in a nearby state park. Since you do the uphill when you're most fresh, it's an enjoyable last 4 miles. The view from the center, 161 feet up and two miles from land, is magnificent.