Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hope for the Myeloma

So today when Don's cancer doctor said see you in two months, I said, "Is it Christmas?"
"Almost," he said.

Read Don's story on his Myeloma Hope blog.

Did you hear a huge cheer go up? This is absolutely a best day.


cat said...

Oh Sunshine!!! That's such great news!! I'm so happy for you both!!!


Cat :-)

Margaret said...

Ip, Ip, UrrĂ !!!!! This is a very HAPPY day here in Florence...and after days of gloomy rain, the Sunshine finally came out!
:-D Margaret in Florence

Vickie said...

That is the BEST news. I'm happy for both of you. Can't wait to meet you guys!

Anonymous said...

What great news. :) I'm sure a supportive family helps a lot!

Backofpack said...

That is awesome! You are such a positive force, I'm sure basking in your positive glow has helped. You are one fantastic family!

DawnB said...

Wonderful news Sunnsine just awesome!!!

Renee said...

Congratulations! Sorry I missed this news earlier but I am so happy for both of you!!!

Sunshine said...

Very good to hear from you and thanks.
I would comment on your blog but we can't find it anymore.

Best wishes and congratulations always, though.