Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Master Gardeners in Their Mid-90's

Gorgeous home-grown tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers... produce of the garden of my Honey's parents.
Fresh from the garden Seven decades of gardening in this lovely place. Note healthy bell pepper plants and carefully staked tomato plants.Salad anyone? Beets, and the beet greens are a vegetable too, dill ... to go with the cucumbers for those wonderful dill pickles they give away at Christmas, carrots have already been made into salad, potatoes, and the favorite of all broccoli family fans: Brussels sprouts. High fences have been devised to keep out the four-legged salad eaters (pesky over-abundant deer).
Home grown Brussels sprouts Summer squash and winter squash. For years, when their gardens were far larger, they raised the best sweet corn in town. Spot the winter squash among the leaves Brussels sprouts for anti-cancer dining.
Interesting plant And oh, the flowers and flowers. Honey's Mom is an award-winning arranger of bouquets. Artistic arrangements grace the indoors She was an active key member of the local garden club until the other members got too old to continue.
Seasonal annuals and perennials delight


Renee said...

What a stunning garden! Your photos are amazing and I bet the food from there tastes incredible. Someday I'll have a garden but now I have to settle for my CSA share; but I bet their farm isn't as pretty as this garden.

Nat said...

Wow! Great photos, the food looks wonderful!

Margaret said...

I wish my garden looked like that! Right now the weeds are as high as my hip, and my raspberry bush has successfully taken over most of the garden...oh well! ;-) Great photos, Sunshine! Margaret in Florence, Italy

cat said...

Hi Sunshine!

what wondrous bounty, what lovely soulfilling pictures, and to know the story of this lush paradise, and the people who gently tend to it, fills my heart :-)

bless you and thankyou for looking out for me over on my neglected bloggie too xxxx

Cat :-)

Sunshine said...

Thanks to you all, Dear Friends!!