Sunday, April 1, 2007

An Alleluia Palm Sunday Morning

Sunday morning sunrise is precious territory of clergy (and church sextons and some of the musicians). The world sometimes seems holy in the quiet dawn. Around here, only early risers were gifted by sunshine and blue sky today. I did.. really.. take the picture above this morning. What a glorious calm after the rain yesterday!

Sunrise ... shared by all who choose to be there... is also in the domain of runners. Runner Partner Daughter and I had two good 6 mile runs today. Fun to see Runner Dude and Speedy Friend Jim along the way. Partner spotted the white tails of five deer fleeing into the woods, and pointed out the cardinals. She is great company.

It was brisk.. in the 40s... knees covered... unlined jackets.. polar vests underneath.. visors, as usual. As we ran, the sky clouded over and the wind picked up some.

This past week my mind was focused some on writing that “what you have been doing with your life” thing for my high school reunion. Wow! Too many years for a “summary”?! I chose to write about the last ten, since we had a reunion ten years ago. The essence of all that went before, is reflected in what is now.

Also, We Two Cooks, here, did some creative cooking. Tuesday, Sookie’s American Sign Language friend was here for stir fried chicken with asparagus, ginger and garlic; and leek & celery pie with mint, dill, parsley, and whole wheat/yogurt crust. Wednesday, Duluth Son was here for roast chicken with rosemary & parsley; broccoli with sliced almonds; and sweet potato galette with ginger. (And I think he finished up with some Breyer’s ice cream.)

Yesterday we drove to Lake Harriet, picked up our shirts and registrations. For the third time in four months, the weather was so dreadful for running that we passed up the race and elected to run at the community center. (The Reindeer Run in December, the Valentine 5K in February, and yesterday, the Colon Cancer Get Your Rear in Gear) Stopped off at Whole Foods for organic apples, chard, haddock and whole grain noodles on our way.

Although it was sad to miss our race yesterday, the spring rain was welcome, of course. Afternoon was cozy, warm and dry... indoors.

Palm Sunday.. An alleluia day! All the days are alleluia days for families surviving myeloma or any other cancer. Precious... sometimes clouded over.. but precious.. holy... blessed... alleluia days. Amen.

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