Sunday, August 19, 2007

Twenty miles on Gateway Trail

First half in alternating light mist/heavy mist... low 60's ... our kind of running temperature... just a bit of gusty breeze now and then. We were soaked to the skin, but then the mist quit.. and we dried out... until just before we got back to the car. We closed the doors on the car and the rain started... for a dramatic finish of a lovely long run. Sweet Pea and I both have our limitations, so we were out there (including porta potty stops, water stops, cookie stops) 5 1/2 hours. Wet trail Oceans of golden rod were not a problem, dampened by the rain. There are many blue bird houses along the trail.
Our favorite runner, biking until his foot heals, came by for a quick chat.Ah, to be running again We got encouraged along the way. Favorite support PS: some of our fastest miles were the last 3 .. after Don phoned us and told us the radar indicated that the rain was just about upon us!
More than an inch of rain here this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures tell the rest of the story of a great run! Great job!

Sunshine said...

Amy... I lost track of your blog address. Any chance you could give it to me again?

cat said...

Hi Sunshine, I'm sorry to have abandoned you for so many days, it feels like I've been away!
Just been caught up in my own stuff here, AND, someone who won't be named (not me) used up all our gigabytes and our ADSL 2+ has been shaped down to dial up speed for the next 5 days or so til next monthly rollover. No piccies for me!

Take care, I'll be back :)


Renee said...

This trail is beautiful! I can't get over it.
I am so glad you had a good experience in Brooklyn during the marathon. I always say I won't run it until I don't live here anymore because I love cheering people on. It's such a wonderful expression of what the world can be.

Looks like you had quite a storm back there!