Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blessings of fruit season

Organic strawberries and conventional blackberries, papaya and mango ... piled in a bowl with a little organic yogurt.
For lovely artistic arrangements you might want to check out:
According to a report in September, 2007, Prevention Magazine, food scientists at the University of California, Davis, recently found that kiwifruit grown without pesticides end up with higher levels of heart-healthy polyphenols and vitamin C than conventionally grown fruits. Nutrition to ponder.

Continuing with the little project of listing "5 things" ...
5 things I don't leave home without:

1. Digital camera
2. Cell phone
3. Little pack.. driver's license, credit card, health ins. card, $10 bill
4. Keys ... house, car, and emergency whistle
5. Pen & small Weight Watchers 1-week diary (also good for jotting down a good recipe from a waiting room magazine)

Traveling lighter these days than when I was working. Sometimes I even stuff all 5 things in my shorts pockets.
"Don't leave home without it" ... what is on your list?

Keeping on walking and running ... We two did a hot humid 4K in the neighborhood this morning. (Trees need rain so terribly.) In the afternoon we walked another 1:45 at the Mall of America.
This evening, although it is dry and pleasant, we are done for the day.
Every day is the best day of the year and we celebrate the blessings.


cat said...

I wish I could eat your photos... Yum!!!!


Sunshine said...

That's so sweet! Wish I could pass it across the table to you. We sure enjoyed all the Central Market, Adelaide, pictures and details.

Backofpack said...

Those berries look delicious. I think August is my favorite summer month of food - for the blueberries and the wonderful fresh apples. Our trees are loaded with apples - one has even tipped over due to the heavy apple load and the recent rains. became legal here in 1987. I had never even heard of it when our first son entered Kindergarten, but by the beginning of 1st grade I was exploring it as an option. He finished 1st in public school, and then we started homeschool. Riley went straight into homeschooling with no public schooling stops.

Enjoy those berries!

peter said...

Make that a twenty, not a ten. :)

I have an ID tag on every pair of running shoe so I don't necessarily carry anything more ever when I'm running, esp. in the hot humid summer. However, in my standard Marathon kit bag that I carry in every marathon is:

cell phone; throwaway camera; 1 oz. tube of vasoline; pair of stretch-to-fit acrylic golves; acrylic headband (covers ears if necessary); pkg of GU; two quarters; twenty; fare card for local metro; piece of paper with a phone card set of numbers on it; and any talismans I want to carry for the race (usually a few state quarters for the state of the marathon I'm running, that I give out as mementos later or put, labeled, in my bedside drawer). The tiny gloves and thin headband saved me one spring marathon when it started snowing (four inches) the minute the starting gun sounded.