Saturday, August 11, 2007

Storm Recovery Day

Weather alert radio woke us around 3am: Thunder, lightning and wind.
No damage to the house, no injury to us. We are blessed.
Much damage to oak trees, branches blown up against the living room patio door. So sad to see the death of good mature trees.Dead
What a mess
Sweet Runner Honey was chain sawing all day in high 80's temps with high humidity. He drank a lot of water.Amazing energy
Power was restored to neighbors by noon, but our power is out because of the line to our house. With thousands without power, we figure it will be days for us without power.

We have had internet off and on all day. The first thing that came through today was that nice comment on my last post, from half way around the world. Sweet.

Our generator powers the minimun necessities around the house. Cooking breakfast and lunch was an impovisation. Running Partner and I took a chain saw chain in for sharpening and bought another new chain. We did some branch pick-up in the yard. Supper out at the neighborhood restaurant. Tomorrow I will try cooking out on the deck to avoid heating up the house. It will be like camping out! This is the way the deck looked when we got up this morning. Railings are broken, but the deck is now cleared for cooking!Branches against the glass
There is a lovely children's Caldicott Award book called "A Tree Is Nice". One of my favorite parts is, "Trees fill up the sky." We are not going to have as much sky filled up with trees for a while.
Our new view
Can't tell if I'm more wiped out from the humidity/heat ... or the grief over dead trees. Not having power isn't my favorite thing either.

But oh my goodness, For certain, it is the best day of the year when nobody got injured and the house is intact in spite of a windy storm.

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cat said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the destruction at your home and surrounds, trees are a part of our home and family, they're kind of silent partners mostly though.
The emotional connection becomes tangible when we lose them.
Don't tell anyone, but I used to walk past this tree every day and hug it, or lean into a cuve in it's trunk and nestle a while, it was bliss. this is an archive pic but it's still there today, some 400 years old
Cooking out sounds great! Deck party! woo!

Take care