Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trails in Afton State Park

Off to Afton State Park....
Bridge over the creek
Along the bank of the beautiful St. Croix River...
Wisconsin on the other shore
We needed to get a little trail workout, even though we had done a 5K this morning in the neighborhood.
Sweet Pea
Our faithful Bike Guy, nearly recovered from plantar fasciitis, came by to cheer and support....
Thanks, Sweetie
Trails involve elevation!
UP !!
All the way to the top.....
Quiet evening at home with Runner's World magazine... October issue just arrived today. The article on eating for running, "Real Good Eats", is a don't miss article for everybody: Don't miss a morsel.

My favorite was the first course: nuts, seeds, beans, grains.... which contain the nutrients to grow the new plant.
More thoughts about grains: see the post below.

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