Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gateway Trail

A wonderful horse, bicycle, roller blades, runner and walker bridge enables a safe crossing of Highway 96 for those on Gateway Trail.

In May we parked there first thing in the morning, only to discover someone had set fire to the porta potty (in a wooden enclosure).

I wondered about the families of those who set the fire in the night. Did they know?
Only a couple of timbers remained ... along with the last wisp of smoke rising in the early morning sun.
sad remains
This morning when we arrived we were delighted to discover a new and welcome facility! New!
Already the wild flowers proclaim the passing of the season with their bright fall colors.
fall flowers on the trailBut summer is not over yet: heat and humidity wore us out in eight and a half miles and we drank our partially frozen Gatorade in the car on the way home.

Super cross-trainer Honey biked 20 miles and reached home ahead of us.

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