Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back to Running, Plus Day 6 of yard clean-up

Sweet Pea took this picture... maybe on Day 4.
Clearing Storm Damage
For several days our village workers have been picking up debris and chipping branches.
glorious help
TODAY we all had enough energy and time to get out in the neighborhood for a run!


Nat said...

I read your husband's blog every once and a while which led me to yours. Thanks for all the great posts and pics - I'm glad your digging out and were okay from the storms!

Sunshine said...

Love it that you checked out my pictures.
And thanks for letting me know you were there.
I sure don't need people to comment every time they read, but it is fun to get one occasionally.
Your last post made me laugh. My car remote never seems to work to open the garage door.
Happy running, peaceful rest.

Margaret said...

Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog, and your sweetie's, almost every day even while on holiday. I am amazed that you are back to running after all those days spent cleaning up the storm debris etc. I think I would be in bed, myself! Take care, both of you, Margaret (in southern Italy at the moment)