Saturday, February 27, 2010

A1A Half Marathon

"HALF" ... what a lame name for a pretty substantial race (13.1 miles, already!)

Since 2005 I have finished more than a dozen marathons and I loved every one. But the truth is, half marathons are fun.

We who ran the half marathon last weekend, had the same glorious experience as the marathoners of running into the Florida sunrise.

I stepped through the spectators to get another shot of the sunrise, now sort of wishing I had taken a picture of the spectators, too.

The entrance to a park, a shady portion of the race (picture taken the day before as we drove the race course).

Although potties were nearly not there at all: a total of 4 in the first 5 miles,
Water stops were great!

"We ran here" is one of our favorite expressions.
And we did run here... right down the A1A highway, with a panorama view of the Atlantic.
We ran here!

This runner always manages to look fabulous at the end of a marathon.

The last hour was warmer than I like for running... but what a great race it was!
In spite of the lame name, this "half" marathon gave me not one aching muscle.
That strange ever-present pain in my hip had been bothering me with every step... even walking.. and continued to even in the race. But good stretching after the half took care of all the muscle pains.

Sweet Pea and I enjoyed the day.
The race was FUN!!


Unknown said...

Great photos! Great job.

I agree, this distance needs a name worthy of it's own. Not half of something else.

DawnB said...

looks like a glorious day for all congratulations, hope you bought some of the sunshine back with you

Backofpack said...

Gorgeous! Hmmmm...I guess they don't call a 50 miler a "Half-Hundred". And a 25K is a 25K, not a "Half-50K". It must be because of the word "marathon", which is an implied distance rather than a spelled out distance. As I think about it, are there any other races that are called something other than their distance? 5K, 10K, 15K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 50 mile, 100 mile, those plus Marathon and Half-Marathon are the standard distances. Interesting...

Also, I'm not sure why Rob took his blog down, but I know he is too busy with full-time teaching, four children, being Volunteer Coordinator for the Tacoma City Marathon and RD for the Rainier to Ruston Half to spend any time writing blog posts. Maybe one of these days he'll be back. In the meantime, I'm glad we are face-to-face friends!

Beth said...

Nice job by the whole team! Congratulations and I love the pictures. Yeah!