Monday, February 1, 2010

Mall Walker Cross Training .. AGAIN !

4:40 (four hours and forty minutes, yes!) actually walking today at Mall of America

We were there for 5 hours (20 minutes for latte and potty stops), with no shopping at all this time.

On Sweet Pea's pedometer: 16,014 steps

Lots of mall walkers, mostly in pairs, but a few in groups of 3,
And we saw one fast walker, probably moving at 10 minute miles, looking very much like an athlete in training... mall walking!

Cyclamen plants (even the leaves are lovely) there at a memorial

The memorial explanation (You may click to enlarge.)

The memorial

A couple of fountains at the Mall

Security on a Segway

The roads were greasy due to the snow that fell while we were indoors walking.
On the drive home we saw this hearty runner along the Mississippi.


LesleyG said...

I've seen mall walkers at our malls over the years, but I always thought that the mall was too small for getting any real distance in. But your mall, well that's obviously not an issue! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

If I should ever get back to the Minneapolis area, I definitely need to make sure to stop by MOA. Looks like such a wonderful place to both shop and burn some calories. Thanks for all the photos!!

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

I think running marathons is hard, but walking the mall for that long? Really, really hard!

Sunshine said...

We are working on endurance. We'd rather be outdoors on a spring day, and I feel a little silly even admitting we are mall walking.
But it seems like we are making some progress.

CewTwo said...

But what is a true runner? I doubt that I am one. I just run for helth and because it is fun.

I was so happy when my treadmill finally was fixed! It has been a Winter here in Denver, and I was getting tired of the cold, the weather, and the uneven running surfaces. Now, I run inside. My training is even improving!

Great pictures, Sunshine! In this world of ours, we sometimes forgot what a service a public place can offer to a runner or walker. Not only in an opportunity to exercise the muscles, but also to exercise the eyes and the mind!

Thanks for sharing!

My next half-marathon will be the Colorado Marathon on May 9th West of Fort Collins. My next full marathon will be on June 26th at the Seattle Rock and Roll.

Beth said...

I love the pictures of the MOA. I've been there many times but never stopped to notice the little things like what you photographed. Nice!

Nat said...

I agree with Amy. I would go insane to be at a mall that long. I can't stand shopping - unless it is for workout clothes :)