Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Orleans Part 3

Be sure to see the MyelomaHope posts about the reason for our trip to New Orleans.

Sweet Pea and I did 14 miles of walking in 3 days. Took this picture on Magazine Street, I think, just west of the heart of New Orleans. We could see evidence of flood damage many places.. but also, as in this picture, rebuilding and recovery.

We 2 took a tour that was listed as a tour of the Katrina damage, but turned out to also be a good tour of the whole city in 3 hours (riding in a van, not walking!)

The weather turned rainy, ironically, just when we were in the lower 9th ward, most damaged by the forceful flooding. Many vacant lots that once had houses, bought by the federal government and not rebuilt (according to our tour driver).

Bright colored Habitat for Humanity houses to encourage musicians to return to the city.

Monument to commemorate the first anniversary of Katrina, blue posts indicate flood water levels in various locations. The partial wall signifies rebuilding. There are chairs... on a family's front porch... and a row of chairs on the other side, representing community. There is more interpretation of this monument on the internet.

The tour included an extensive investigation of a cemetery, including detailed explanation of the "natural cremation" process.
The gathering of a few jazz musicians for an interment was somehow a more cheerful note!
Tour also included French Quarter, Garden District, City Park, etc.

WORKOUT REPORT: At the community center. Sweet Pea did 4 miles on the track and I did 4 miles on the treadmill.
I think outdoor temps have been as much as 20 degrees below normal for this time of year.

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Beth said...

I enjoyed the pictures as I have never been to N.O. Glad that you have an indoor place to workout. It was so cold this week, I hope it moderates for a little bit.