Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Running

This morning Sweet Pea and I each ran about 4 miles... indoors!!

Annual cookie baking experiments in the afternoon.
Rolled ginger cookies made with gluten-free whole grain teff flour (NO refined potato starch, tapioca starch or corn starch).

Peppernuts can be made with teff flour, too, but these are a little short of flour.

Calypso wreaths ... in honor of our New Orleans trip.
An experiment: Spritz recipe, flavored with lime candy flavoring and organic coconut oil.
No gluten (wheat) flour, but sweet rice flour for about 3/4 of the flour and whole grain brown rice flour for that last 1/4 of the flour.
Butter for a third of the shortening and solid virgin organic coconut oil for 2/3 of the shortening. Well, the dough jammed up in the cookie press, so we just formed them by hand.

Not claiming any of the above is real food... but a good experiment in gluten-free baking.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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Anne said...

Those cookies, especially the New Orleans-inspired wreaths look yummy.