Friday, December 11, 2009

ASH in New Orleans

American Society of Hematology: December 4-8 at the New Orleans Convention Center
Ten thousand hematologists and other medical people attended.

One of eight people who have multiple myeloma, attending the conference, working in the patient advocacy booth of the IMF (International Myeloma Foundation.
See his Myeloma Hope blog for more details.

Proposed patients' rights (Click on picture for enlargement.)

Besides attending two very lovely receptions at the conference, Sweet Pea and I walked at least 14 miles in New Orleans in 3 1/2 days.
We enjoyed the parade on Canal Street.

And on Magazine Street, we walked all the way out to Whole Foods Market.

Christmas was everywhere, including in the French Quarter.

It was 70 degrees with flowers everywhere, too.

The magnificent Amtrak Empire Builder arriving in St. Paul ahead of schedule.
Seven inches of snow on the ground and temperature 5 degrees when we arrived.


A Plain Observer said...

I wonder if my doctor was there. Sounds like two good days, 14 miles and all

Sunshine said...

Hoping your doctor was there... The conference was truly amazing... hundreds of talks... much hope.

Beth said...

I love the picture of Don. Looks like a great trip that was productive and fun. Your new camera is doing great, too!