Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Orleans in 3 Days

Part 2 .... Sweet Pea and Sunshine in New Orleans December 5-6-7
See Myeloma Hope blog for details of the hematologist conference.

Crescent City Farmers' Market at the corner of 700 Magazine Street and Girod
We bought a bag of scrumptious fresh pecans.

On a tray at bedtime: "Sweet Dreams .... A New Orleans Tradition" Pecan pralines

Small package pralines, thrown from a float in the Canal Street parade

Oh yes, and BEADS thrown from the floats ... even Santa was throwing beads. Beads hung by the dozens from the power wires, tree branches, porch railings.

It was nearly dark when we two bravely took the street car on Canal Street out to City Park to see the lights of Celebration in the Oaks. (City Park, recovering from Katrina flooding.)

A festive visit for children, with carnival rides for children
Dinosaurs and alligators were numerous.

A calypso version of "Twas the Night before Christmas" .... "the prancing of eight tiny alligators."

The red shadow in the middle window the the building is a 15 foot tree made of poinsettia plants.
Because we were uncertain about street car stops, we walked about a mile back to Canal Street. It was dark, but oh it felt gloriously warm to these Minnesota visitors.

Back home, we renewed our membership at the community center last Sunday. Spent an hour on the treadmill on Sunday and an hour on the track on Tuesday.
Training for the next half marathon....
My therapist says I have a lot of half marathons left in me... Hmmmmm!


Backofpack said...

Well, now. If you ate all those pralines then you'd better run some half marathons! I'm glad your therapist is giving you to okay - it's good to hear it.

Sunshine said...

Very cute, Michelle! I'll get to work on it.