Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taper: 7.3 miles on Gateway...Plus

A couple of mallards on a log:
Don with friend, Randy, came running toward us... fun to meet on the trail.
Two inches of rain overnight.. and the trail was still quite wet.

Daisies are blooming!!!
Sweet Pea spotted this tiny turtle at the edge of the trail. With 2 inches of rain last evening and overnight ... the worms were out!! Breakfast for the robins... or "road kill" under bike tires or running shoes. But we only photographed them.
We are doing pretty well with negative splits; our last mile was the swiftest!

Other trail tallies:
2 dogs being walked
2 children biking with dad
1 very small girl biking with mom or sitter
1 Dear Old Man sweeping the trail with his lawn broom ... Lots of debris on the trail from recent wind and rain.

PS ... July/August "Running Times," page 18 "Double Your Pleasure: Two-A-Days Could Be Your Marathon Secret Weapon" suggests 30-45 minutes for a second run of the day.

YO!! we did another 40 minutes in the neighborhood this afternoon! Toasty 75 degrees and bright blazing sun.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that's a big worm! Lovely photos. I wish the scenic riverside bike trail near my home in Orlando was safe to run on. I used to see all sorts of interesting birds and wildlife along the way, even an occasional alligator.

CewTwo said...

Great pictures! Looks like it was raining in the meeting one! 2 a days in a taper?


rocketpants said...

Love the turtle!

Sounds like a great way to sneak some miles in 2 a days.

Unknown said...

Your photos are always a treat.

Way to get that two-fer done. :)

Jeff said...

Great photos - wow! I was thinking of tagging you with the "5 questions" but I see someone beat me to it.