Wednesday, June 4, 2008


10 mile race on Saturday
8.3 miles on Gateway on Tuesday

For most of the run on Tuesday, it was just a bit misty, cloudy, not unpleasant.
At around mile 6 the trail and the trees ahead of us looked white: it was a wall of pouring rain. We ran into the rain and ran in it for about half a mile.
We wanted to run longer but we were soaked, so we finished our 8.6 and went home for hot popcorn instead.

All sorts of thunderstorms tomorrow. We will try to get a run in, but we aren't optimistic about a long one. We don't run in lightning.

Has anybody else noticed that there are tornado watch boxes somewhere every single day?


Renee said...

The weather is crazy so far this year! (Though I think I say this every year.)
I am glad you had some hot popcorn post-run. That's one of the best snacks!

CewTwo said...

Part of the fun in Colorado is watching the 'Seasons' of wildflowers. With elevation changes and the melting of snow, the wildflowers slowly gain in elevation as the elevation heats up and dries out. Depending on how you observe (and where you go) you can follow widflowers all the way up to the highest peaks. A great side hobby to trail running!

My Molly, an Australian Shepard, can no longer run alongside me for any distance. She is a good dog and I am so glad that I have her for a while yet!

I remember riding the Black Hills of South Dakota on my mountain bike. At one point, I fell off of the bike into a patch of poison ivy. It is prolific there. I was smiled upon that day as I got up expecting the worst and found to my delight that my body did not touch any of it!