Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another 8.6 miles on Gateway Trail

Sweet Runner Dude was out there to meet us a couple of times.
I had the creepy feeling the bicycle riders had read my blog! Everyone was so polite today. Nearly everyone warned of their approach.
Not that we really need a warning, I guess, because I never have so much as an elbow over the center line (No yellow line in this picture, but on much of the trail)
But it is unsettling to have bicyles race by, sometimes riding side-by-side.
Some of the cyclists seemed to be here for the big bike race, but many just seemed to be the usual folks.
We saw a young mother roller blading her 2 small tots along in a double stoller.
We saw and heard several loons fly over: a sight I have never seen in the sky.

Sweet Pea and I are so slow that I hate to mention this ... but
we did negative splits again.
About 60 degrees and a light breeze ... a joy to run!!

PS Another blogger who has written to the 5 runner questions:



Anonymous said...

That trail looks wonderful. I wish we had one like that around here...how long is that trail? We have one but it is shy of a mile long!

Sunshine said...

Gateway Trail is a reclaimed railroad right-of-way, paved trail. It begins near the back side of the MN State Capitol Building and ends 18 miles to the northeast, almost at the St. Croix River.

ShirleyPerly said...

How lovely! All that shade looks so nice and 60 degrees? Wow, I'm envious!!

Backofpack said...

Our relay on Saturday was along the same type of trail - old railroad lines. Some of it is does not belong to the trail yet, so parts were through sections of various towns. But it's come a long way in the last few years, growing from a mere 5 miles to almost 40, though not all connected. Your trail looks green and pretty - aren't we lucky with our trails?

rocketpants said...

It doesn't matter how fast or slow anyone goes...negative splits are great!! A great way to practice pacing.

Anne said...

It's hard to imagine this is the same barren trail you shot just a couple of months ago. Now it's so lush and alive.

Thanks for including me in your list.

Vickie said...

Beautiful trail. Glad you are getting some beautiful weather, as are we finally today. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job with the negative splits!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the bicycle riders were nice and polite :)

Congratulations on the negative split! I love that trail.