Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Never skip more than one day

Not sure who first said that ... one wise trainer said it ... 3 days a week, 4 days a week, 5 days a week ... but never skip more than 1 day at a time.

After running on Thanksgiving morning, we skipped last Friday and Saturday (after Thanksgiving), but we are on the wagon again. Tread mill, track, resistance machines, free weights, even running outside (Brrr!) ... something most days and at least every other day.

I'm still working on Don's request to eat mostly vegetarian. It is not something I have experienced, but I am attempting to imagine it. We have chicken or fish for a meal every other day, and bison once a week, keeping the every other day pattern. The undesirable protein in his blood is down. Good. There are scores of wonderful vegetables, plus fruit and nuts, of course. I'm trying to discover interesting ways to combine them to make satisfying meals.

We continue to choose organic fruits and vegetables for the "dirty dozen" most pesticide contaminated. I have only recently read that pesticides damage the liver
.. so much implication for the person with myeloma.

Gluten intolerance has been linked to myeloma. Wheat, barley and rye contain gluten. It is interesting and challenging to work with other grains: brown rice flour, teff, quinoa, amaranth, bean and nut flours. I'm just getting to know these
and figure out how to use them.

This week a teff banana bread, pancakes, corn bread (without wheat flour), and I'm wondering what will Christmas baking be like?

I'm eating what he eats... in support and solidarity ... because it is easier than cooking separate meals ... because it is probably good for me.

This picture was taken from up on the track at the community center on the last day before they started tearing it out in preparations for a swell new one to be installed.
Where we will be until the track comes Since we discontinued our membership at Lifetime Fitness, we have continued to subscribe to their "Experience Life" magazine. The December issue which arrived in the mail today, has an interesting article ("Chart a Course to Fitness") describing seasonal training and cycles of variation. Inspiring to think of a plan with intentional variations? I sort of blunder along, doing what I can, when I can, usually all I can. This cold weather is freezing my bones, and I know it is a harbinger of Minnesota January temperatures to come.

So I will be of good cheer, make lemonade, work out indoors and declare it the best day of the year!



Backofpack said...

I would give you vegetarian advice, but I suspect you are using whole foods in your cooking. I use tofu and a lot of soy substitutes for protien, which probably wouldn't work with what you are trying to do. If I'm wrong, let me know and I'll clue you in on my favorite brands and how I use them.

Good luck managing the Minnesota winter - I don't envy you! I'll take the gray days and rain any time!

Sunshine said...

Yes, you are right about the soy...working for you .. but won't for us. So sorry.
And, OH you have much more access to fresh vegetables and fruits more of the year!! I do love western WA & OR.

Vickie said...

Good for you on sticking with your workout plans. I guess I hadn't heard the "never skip more than 1 day" theory, but I can adopt it myself. I think too if you give yourself permission to just take a day off, and not more than one, it is much easier going back to it the next day. Sometimes you just need a break, and better to take it than to break down. Happy running! Stay warm. We are getting your weather today.

rocketpants said...

Thanks for stopping by! Reading a little about your blog and GF stuff... Maybe you have seen this gluten free blog:
and she wrote a book. A friend of mine who is a food writer said it is a great book. Gluten free is tough, i have a lot of friends that are GF.

peter said...

Your heading is such wise advice, but so hard to follow. What I try to do on difficult periods when I'm not motivated or am busy is to run a fast mile sometime during the day either before I shower in the morning or when I get back home at night before I eat. Almost everyone has 8-12 minutes they could spare once in a day. It's not a full workout but it helps (should be fast) and it keeps your hand in.

What are those people doing down in that pit? (I am not a dreadmill runner nor an ipod wearer. A luddite.)

DawnB said...

I really do try not to miss more than a day. I so want to race this morning but I feel I should because I haven't run since Wednesday because of a number of things. This is the most unusal week for me.
For years I've struggle thru the cold in the winter out doors. This year I'm thinking different and plan to take it inside more. I want the treadmill to be my friend this winter.