Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, I got "tagged" again... by a very nice runner friend... And the challenge is to list five things about me.

Since I am basically a poor game player who usually makes hash out of rules, I will list 5 things about me.. and then 5 more things, illustrated with pictures.

But then, if you would like to play, to be "tagged" to list 5 things about you, you could leave a comment at the end of this blog so folks know where to find you,
And feel free to list FIVE THINGS ABOUT YOU !!

You can find my friend Peter and his list of 5 things at DC Spinster.

Five things about me:
1. I grew up in Iowa.
2. When I taught in MPLS, I had 39 fourth graders in a self-contained classroom.
3. I stayed home with 3 great little kids: 2 boys and Sweet Pea; then I went to grad school and had another career.
4. I am no Polyanna, but when life is lemons, after lamenting some you might as well make lemonade.
5. I like dark chocolate, fresh ripe fruit, most kinds of nuts, and extra hot home-made skim milk lattes ... every day.

Five things in pictures:

1. Our cat Kitty 2. My camera: I take it everywhere... Early morning sunrise, running with the St. Croix Area Runners (Stillwater) on Saturdays.
Love sunrise runs 3. Each of our dozen marathon trips in the last 3 years has been a treaure. Picture: Early morning marathon in 2006 ... running toward the Clinton Library in Little Rock.
Sweet Pea My Sweetie, mouth full of Cliff Bar after a run; I cherish our exploring new things together.
Runner Don Every marathon has been my favorite. Running 5 bridges and 5 boroughs in New York City was an experience of a lifetime.
Verrazano Bridge and Sweet Pea That's Sweet Pea in orange in the foreground. We did our best marathon time that day (Nov 2006).


peter said...

That is some cat. And two nice sunrises (or sunsets, I can't tell). And a nice looking runner. Hey, your fifth picture looks just like my fourth picture I posted on 11/4/07 (only yours is more centered). Were you on the Verazzano Bridge? (That means you were runnin' the NYCM.)

Unknown said...

Love the five things with pictures!

Vickie said...

Very interesting things to learn! And I'm with you on the dark chocolate!

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

Hi Sunshine: Love the cat photo too. (We have four).

Actually, all of your photos are wonderful. You have quite the eye.

After I read that you ran NYC in 2006 and made a reference to Chicago 2007, I looked through some of your other posts. Photos are GREAT, along with the blog info.

I was at Chicago too this year and got pulled to the finish right before mile 17. The officials did make us go to the finish line to "record" a finish time.

I just finished NYC last weekend. Having a little time and recovery behind me this week, I'm full of really pleasant memories of the race and would like to do it again --

Perhaps we'll see each other out there on a training run!


Nancy said...

Hi Sunshine!! I've been seeing you come by. Thanks, I love to meet new people. So where, in Iowa ??

I love your list. Glad you are joining in our run.


cat said...

Great list Sunshine!

as always your pics warm my heart - I'll do five things next time I'm online too :-)


Unknown said...

BTW, in case you didn't notice, my '5 things I learned this weekend" post was inspired by your "Five Things" post. :)

Dori said...

You inspire me! Great pictures.

Margaret said...

I loved your comment about life and lemons and making lemonade. RIGHT ON! I also loved the cat photo (I also have four, like Amybee) and of course the reference to chocolate, since I am a chocoholic. Loved this entire post, Sunshine! Thanks for the photos, as always, Margaret
Florence, Italy

Nat said...

Loved this post and your pictures (as always) Especially the one with the cat, I have a calico.