Thursday, November 15, 2007

Harbingers of Winter

This morning we went to the community club to run on the track. The sign on the door said the track was closed until further notice.
A new track is being shipped from England, due to be installed before Christmas.
Also to be installed is some sort of video exercise area.

Well, so, we spent our hour in the work-out room: half an hour on treadmills, 15 minutes on bikes, the remainder with free weights .... and then some stretches and t'ai chi chih.

At one point I glanced over to see Sweet Pea and her Dad running side-by-side on tread mills. That was cool.

I ran, I walked, I put out sweat. I did not keep track of speed, I did not pay attention to the miles, I have no idea how many weight watchers points I earned.

I have dark thoughts about the promised completion date for the new imported track.
'Nuf said about that.

All-in-all, we will find ways to be in shape... one way.. and another .. and another.

Pictured below.. a few mums along our walk in the neighborhood ... and they have, so far, survived the freezing temps. They do better below freezing than I do!
Tough flowers


Nat said...

great pictures! thanks for the note. i hope to get a race report up one of these days!

Backofpack said...

The flowers are beautiful. I hope they get your track fixed up soon. I never get on treadmills - they give me motion sickness. I'll run on the indoor track if the streets are icy, otherwise I run outside. I love being out in all weather - even tonight in a steady rain, soaked to the bone. I love it!

Sunshine said...

Thank you both for stopping by.

I still don't know how to operate those machines in the center ... I think I'll dig out my warmer clothes .. and think...
Love to run, love to run, love to run, love to run.

Vickie said...

Beautiful flowers! Its always nice to see some survive the dark and gray days of November. I hope the track is completed on time, but I know what you mean about not trusting that info. The one good thing about running on treadmills is you can run "with" someone even if they are faster than you.

cat said...

Sunshine, are they chrysanthemums? if so they are the best colours I've ever seen! how beautiful and thankyou for sharing them with us :-)

run girl run! run with the wind! run with the sun! run with the spirit of life! :-)