Saturday, September 29, 2007

Running, Taper, Etc.

Gathered with Stillwater runners at the tennis courts at 7:00 this morning for our Saturday morning run. What a sunrise!Awesome
Then about a dozen of us walked into a local restaurant for the annual breakfast to send off the folks who go south for the winter.

And then myeloma information/support group, food shopping at Whole Foods, lunch at home.
I had bought "Men's Health" to read for my Sweetie ... but the thing stinks with cologne ads.
Then "Runner's World" came in the mail (same publisher). Let's keep "Runner's World"
fragrance free!

Interesting article about taper: Some guy tapers to 85 miles the week before the marathon. Well, anyway, I guess the point is taper, but keep doing some of whatever you have been doing??!! Best of luck to us all.
Seriously! we do love love "Runner's World" magazine!

Sweet hummingbird at the feeder. Sweet And then my Honey snapped a butterfly at the hummingbird feeder.Sweet uninvited guest


Renee said...

Tapers to 85 miles per week? I think at my pace that would be nonstop running for the whole week.

Gorgeous sunrise! I only ever pay attention to the sunsets since that's what I see over the water. I should look in the other direction in the morning!

Dori said...

What a beautiful sunrise! I love going out to breakfast with my running group after a long run.

Renee said...

Thanks for your kind wishes. Good luck on completing yet another marathon! I will think of you (and smile!) when running.