Tuesday, September 25, 2007

8 1/2 miles on Gateway Trail

Well, he just left the room, singing!! Masterpiece Guy is running again. Yea.

Sweet Pea and I had a nice run today. The temp was in the low 50's ... our absolutely favorite weather for running. We carried both water and Gatorade ... managing good hydration... but then I guess that is easier when it is cool.
Fun to meet our Runner Guy Another restoration project: saving the magnificent oaks.
No place for buckthorn Today we saw only a few bicycles. Some days.. especially on weekends, there are baby stollers, roller bladers, lots of bicycles, and horses. In the picture at the top, you can see the horse trail beside the blacktop trail. Some runners use the horse trail for trail training. There are trash cans for recycling and for trash. No excuses for littering .... and litter is rare. Share the trail
Good words from "BOSTON LEGAL" tonight...
We live very good lives.
Seize the silliness.

Also a good case for not trusting research funded by businesses with a vested interest in the outcome!


Renee said...

I can only hope someday I live somewhere with such gorgeous (and well-maintained!) trails!
Thanks for your taper comment -- it's almost over and then I can truly be nervous!
What is your upcoming marathon?

Sunshine said...

Thanks! But oh you do have the sidewalks of New York?

Anyway, if I had your e-mail address, I would be most happy to share our upcoming race plans.
But we have determined that on the internet we need to share our stories after races rather than to share our plans before.

In any case when we are running, my heart will be with all the folks I know of that are also running marathons or half marathons on that weekend. Including YOU!!

Renee said...

Ah, I will think of you as I am running and use the surprise of your finding out your marathon as motivation!

Sunshine said...

That is sweet! You go, Runner!