Sunday, September 16, 2007

High School Reunion

Our class
That's me.... 2nd row, 6th from the left.

We celebrate the lives of those who have died.
After reading the names of the deceased members of our graduating class, I gave this prayer of blessing before the dinner:
(They repeatedly specified "short" prayer.)

"Gracious God of all Creation,
We celebrate your generous gifts.
We are grateful for years of living.
Bless our meal.
Bless our time together.
And grant us all safe passage home."

Sunday morning we attended worship at the church where I grew up.


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Backofpack said...

I left you a comment on the previous post too.

Your childhood church looks beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful time at your reunion. 15 years or so ago, my father-in-law attended his 50th reunion. He met up with one of his high-school girlfriends who was now a widow - they began to see each other and have been companions ever since. I love that! They had these wonderful separate lives, and now have been able to share many years together. So sweet.