Saturday, September 22, 2007

16 Miles on Gateway

New tunnel under Hwy 96 Maples are turning. We heard today that the fall will be even more colorful because of the several inches of rain a couple of days ago.
Colorful maples Sky was cloudy on Thursday, but the sumac was brilliant. Love the autumn Horses grazing, none on the trail that day. Taking is easy One egret.. almost time to fly south. Fishing
Had hoped to do 20 miles, but my left knee is painful... along the outside. We were disappointed that there were no warning signs that the trail was being totally excavated at mile 10, but we could have gone partway up to the other end again to get in the distance. I think we actually drank enough this time. Well, it was probably only about 60 degrees, so not difficult. It was breezy when we started out and a couple of women on bikes, and with jackets on, said we looked cold. Our kind of running weather.


Renee said...

Again, wonderful photos. I hope your knee gets less achey. I had a similar run-ending experience a few weeks back when all of a sudden there was no trail. I was too tired, and out of it, to figure out what to do so I ran home and cut the run short.
Sometimes it's far too hard to think and run!

Sunshine said...

Ah yes, sometimes it is just better to quit and go for it on another day. Saturday my knee pain was sharp; Sunday no pain at all.. in two 5K's.