Saturday, April 7, 2007

Walk/Run 40 Mile Week

Well, yes, that includes the mostly-walking in the MOA (Mall of America), but our estimate of 18 miles in 7 hours is conservative.
Thursday we did a 4K at the community club in the morning and again in the afternoon.
This week we took only one day off.

Didn't do the Challenge Obesity Run around Lake Como this morning. Wind 18 mph; wind chill zero. This is the fifth (I can't believe it!) Saturday morning race since Thanksgiving that my Running Partner Daughter and I have not run (or finished) because of miserable weather. We can't remember ever, before this year, registering for a race and not running it... ever.

We are counting the miles per week, starting with Saturday, ending with Friday, so our 7K run this morning counts for next week. Good thing, too, because getting in a run on Easter Day is not going to happen.
Feeling good. Concerned about myeloma developments. Planning the Easter dinner menu. Celebrating this day.

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