Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Seven Hour Walk at Mall of America

Seven hours on our feet: 9:57am - 5:00pm.
Running Partner Daughter and I were Mall of America mall walkers today.
Endurance cross-training for the next marathon.

And what a day we picked! When we arrived the Mall of America was already alive with noise and activity. It was Toddler Tuesday.
This being Holy Week, and apparently spring break week for many schools, by noon the teens begin to arrive. And plenty of adults for anyone into people-watching.
We didn't have too much difficulty maintaining a brisk walk.
However, noise level kept conversation to a minimun toward the end of the afternoon.
I need not have worried that anyone would notice a couple of mall walkers.

We made quick trips to the car, parked nearby in the ramp, for water, Gatorade All Stars drink, pretzels, organic ginger cookies, homemake peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread, and the wonderful organic jelly beans from Sun Ridge Farms (ordered by our favorite order-on-the-internet person.) Ended up saving the apples and bananas for later.

We purchased lattes twice, plus a couple of other items, so we were not loitering.
Drove home in snow: this is April?

We think we may have walked (with a few steps of running every now and then) a good eighteen miles. We feel good; it is a good day.

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