Sunday, March 25, 2007

Merino Wool Socks for Twenty Miles!

Merino wool socks have saved my feet from blisters....for a couple of years. I am in gratitude again for good ideas from the younger generation! Thanks Portland Son!

Twenty miles, Sweet Daughter Runner and I did on Gateway Trail today. Fog hovered over the ponds; the sky was cloudless blue when we began our training run this morning... Temperature about 60. Ah spring!

Geese looking for spring
Too early for egrets, but we saw mallards.. And lots of geese, of course. Only one horse, with rider, on the horse trail. Horses, cattle, and a couple of goats in pastures. No kitties this time.

Dozens of cyclists ... all ages.. old folks ... many children. Some in-line skaters.
Oh, and many many dogs on leashes.

We took turns occasionally hollering encouragement to runners.. and little kids on bikes.. And “cute dog” praise to animal owners.

SDR (Sweet Daughter Runner) and I drank water and Gatorade and ate ginger snaps. The Runner Dude rescued us, a bit, when we didn’t plan our water stops just right. Did he ever look good, running toward us on the trail!
Cherishing these precious days when he is free of myeloma symtoms.

We watched the clouds gather until it was nearly overcast when we arrived home. As we walked into the house, the weather channel (17) was warning “Thunderstorms, some severe”, the thermometer showed an astounding 70 degrees... Runner Dude greeted us with cheers.

Twenty miles.. And back home. Long shower, fresh clothes, hot buttered popcorn.. And a latte made by SDR (Sweet Daughter Runner)

FOUR PM .... The time predicted, all day yesterday, for the thunderstorms.
At five minutes to four, I kid you not, rain poured out of the overcast sky... as I sat, cozy on the couch, writing this account.

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