Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Good Day for the Human Race !

7:30am ... And it isn't snowing yet! I love waking up by my internal alarm clock. The sun is just peaking up over the hill, through the trees.
The "Human Race", on beautiful Summit Avenue in St. Paul, begins just after 1:00 this afternoon. We have been anticipating this 8K all week, reading weather reports that promise snow today... by noon.

Whatever the weather, the "Human Race" is a great gathering of serious runner friends.. and a few people like our Runner Daughter and me... Doing what we can to have a good time and enjoying the best day of the year.
This Day!

11:15 ... Ho! The hourly weather predicters have modified their picture of the day, with snow/rain holding off until 9pm. .. Still pretty brisk temperatures for the afternoon.
We are calculating our layers of race clothes.. for the swiftest movement without freezing to death.
Breakfast was early and light, low fat.
Who will we see today? Will we meet any runners whose names we have seen in statistics... Hopefully some friends from past years.

Exciting to wonder... how well will each of us run?

Here's to the best day of the year!

4:30pm ... A great race. We two did about the same as last year... First 3 miles were slowest
I had my heart monitor... and was registering about 145-150 in the first half,circling William Mitchell College of Law, and on past Mount Zion Temple, about 150-160 in the second half.
Our Runner Dude won MN runner of the year for his age group last year. We aren't sure of the results for this race yet, but it looks like the competition has not given up.
Saw some good friends, although fewer women in my age group showed up this year.
At 2:00 the temp was about 41 and the wind was south at 18mph with sort of hazy sun.
It was a brisk March afternoon.
Not a drop or a flake fell on us as we ran. What a great day!

On the way home, we stopped for a couple of interesting errands on Grand Avenue ... a fun place to be on weekends.

5:00pm Pigging out on all sorts of healthy post-race food... Watching the news.
Write on your hearts.. rejoice in the gift of the best day of the year.

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