Monday, November 9, 2009

OBX Marathon North Carolina

I loved the beach.

OBX Sunday

Sweet Pea and I ran the first 15 miles of the marathon... the best 15!
Through neighborhoods, shade, plus about 2 miles on a dirt road (very hilly) in woods (shade). Late Saturday when we drove the course, that wooded road seemed deserted and a little threatening. When we ran it in the race the next morning, it was not nearly as scary in the middle of the day.. with a couple of groups of spectators plus a water stop.... delightful shade.

Water stops were still working when we came along, spectators far more plentiful than we expected. We weren't last. A course officials assured us that we were keeping the pace to make the bridge.

When we got out on the highway with no shade Sweet Pea and I were both "done"! I want to stop, she said. I was not eager to blast our skin in blazing sun at this latitude even after fall solstice.
We got a lovely ride over a couple more long amazing bridges to the finish where Don had just finished (Good job Don!)

My knee is still fragile, but I think I quit in time.
Also, because of my knee Sweet Pea and I had not managed to get in a long run in training. Good reasons to know when to quit.

Early this morning we got to ride the shuttle (school) bus to the start with Don and have the hour together before the start.

We have no medal, no "time" but we are delighted.
We ran an unofficial half marathon.. Plus!
And had very good day.
Don got his 24th state and had a fun time running, chatting with other runners and taking a huge number of pictures with his phone camera.

Be sure to check out Don's
Make It a Masterpiece entry.


Calyx Meredith said...

So glad to hear the knee held for you to enjoy those 15 miles! Congrats to you two and congrats to Don for adding my lovely NC to his marathon list. :D

Anne said...

I worked on the Outer Banks for years in the 1980s and 1990s and miss it so much. I was thrilled when they created this race, and I'm glad you got to experience at least the first 15 miles of it. Congratulationst to Don too!

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I'm impressed you even started on that shaky knee!

DawnB said...

sound like a splendid run. so glad to hear the knee is getting better.

CewTwo said...

I love to read your attitude! What a wonderful reflection on life itself! Thanks for sharing! AND yes, I am having fun and I am running! I am so happy!

Vickie said...

The weather was fabulous that day. I'm not sure exactly where you started the run. I was there last summer: at the beach; in Kill Devil Hill; in Kitty Hawk; on the sound; running along the sound in the neighborhood in Kill Devil Hill. I know of the long bridges you mentioned but still can't picture where the race started. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and it was wise to only run about a 25k. (See, that sounds longer.) I'm glad you enjoyed yourself as I did while in NC.

peter said...

I smiled when I read this. It sounded perfect.

Beth said...

Congrats on your great race! Sounds like you had the perfect day and so nice to share it with your family. Yeah for the knee!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hey, we were both in NC last weekend!

Wonderful to hear you got in 15(!) miles with Sweet Pea. I know how bright & sunny it was out there. Great weather, though, compared to the heat I've been training in down in FL. Glad you enjoyed the race despite not finishing. Better safe than sorry. Congrats to Don!