Thursday, November 12, 2009

OBX Marathon Pictures

An unknown woman walking on the beach
on Saturday morning... across the street from our motel... the calm before the storm of a few days later at Kitty Hawk and the North Carolina coast.

Driving the race course on the day before the race: one of my favorite events of a marathon weekend.
Course included pleasant neighborhoods, trails along the sound, views of the Atlantic, monumental loop around (but not up and down the hill!) the Wright Brothers monument, more neighborhoods, and finally across the high long bridge.
Here we are on a shady road around mile 11.

Late in the afternoon we were back on the beach.

Pre-race dinner in our motel room kitchen ... salmon cakes, sweet potatoes

Ready for the marathon and look at those shirts ahead of us at the start!

Water stop at mile 9: they waited for us!
OBX Marathon provided amazing support (water, sports drink, spectators, cheering) for even very slow runners.

My deep appreciation to the race official who came by at mile 15 and assured us that we were keeping up an adequate pace to make the bridge.
Such encouragement has been, in our experience, rare.
But alas, 15 miles was enough for my injured knee.

After the race
And back to the motel for the rest of the day... checking results, enjoying the good food we had bought at Whole Foods and Trader Joes on the way down the day before.

Monday morning, we made it out to the beach just in time for the sunrise.

Lean turkey bacon, still on the stove, did not make it into this picture.
Gluten-free fresh-blueberry pancakes with Bryers ice cream: morning after the marathon breakfast


ShirleyPerly said...


I wish this marathon had been around back in 2004. I did Camp Lejuene, which was not far but not nearly as scenic. Those pancakes look yummy!

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

great pics! Love the shirt and congats on getting to mile 15! You are definitely on the mend.

Backofpack said...

Pancakes with ice cream? I wish I'd thought of that. Now I have something new to try!

peter said...

What a beautiful picture of the sunrise. The OBX is a grand strand of sand.

Laura said...

I'm so glad I just came across your blog. That t shirt was enough to make me drop my hesitations about signing up for my first 1/2 marathon... here goes nothing! Thank you so much for the inspiration