Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Days

Tiny toad lives in the spout of the plastic water can that we use to water the pots of herbs on our deck.

An out-of-town high school reunion and a visit from out-of-town family have filled our hours and days.

And my smashed knee has had substantial "rest" ... at least from running.
The inflammation, swelling and pain persists. The joint is quite stiff.

In a few days I will probably resume walking ... perhaps a little cautious running. We will see what another week brings.


rocketpants said...

I love that pic! Wow...nature just hanging out in all sorts of crazy place. :-)

I hope your knee heals up soon!!

Anne said...

Love that photo. Sometimes it hurts more during the healing process. Let's hope that's what happening to your knee b/c it sounds like you can't afford to slow down these days. Lots of fun things going on up there, isn't there?

IronWaddler said...

Take care--wishing for your knee to be better.

Love the toad!

Beth said...

That is such a cute picture! I think it would make a great greeting card with a fun little saying inside. Sorry that your knee is acting up. I hope you will be back running again soon.

cat said...

Dear Sunshine, I have missed you!
I'm so sorry to read of your knee injury, I do hope it continues to improve. I have neglected you my far away friend, and I apologise.
Your blog is, as always, deeply beautiful and refreshing. If anything, more so it seems since last I was here. It is a joy to read your beautiful perspective on life and share your journey, and empathise with you in this difficult physical time.
Take care, it was lovely visiting you :-)

Cat :-)

Sunshine said...

Miss you too, Cat, and hope the winter is kind to you.

peter said...

A frog just gazing out from his "house." Nice picture. Rest up!