Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Continuing Saga of the Smashed Knee

Yesterday: an appointment with one of Minnesota's best orthopaedic sports doctors in Bloomington ... and a referral for several appointments with my physical therapist.
The new, and third, professional diagnosis: patello femoral syndrome (like runner's knee.. but resulting from an injury.)

How did I happen to go all the way to Bloomington? Well, I've had it with this knee injury, and last Sunday at a race, I asked friends for recommendations.

At the recommendation of the sports doctor, my therapist set me up with knee and leg strengthening exercises.

I've started working on them.
The swelling in my knee seemed to be down some the last couple of days, but the exercises have stirred up some swelling again.
But I will persevere! Watch me!

Also, I'll run and look a lot more like a real runner when I lose 20 pounds.
Weight Watchers tomorrow night!

Our young pre-school guest delighted in the variety of chickens at the Washington County Fair.


Unknown said...

PFS is what I had last year. And the PT exercises helped a lot. Best wishes!!

Beth said...

Sometimes those exercises from PT's seem like they should be so easy but they are sooo hard! Good luck with them. I bet they will help alot.

Anne said...

We don't rebound from injuries as quickly as we age, but if you take it slow and steady you should be able to run pain-free in the not-too-distant future. Keep that in mind as you move through those exercises.

A Plain Observer said...

I feel your pain. 10 months after my surgery I still have pain and swelling. Dissappointing.
Hang in there

ShirleyPerly said...

I have no doubt you will persevere. You are a marathoner, after all :-)

peter said...

I hope your therapy is going well and you;ll be back to running soon. Keep the pictures coming.