Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a Puzzle

All finished Sweet Pea puzzled it together .... all 500 pieces... without any sidewalk engineers' comments.
I have been working on the pictures we took at Christmas.

AND.. of course ... we have been running indoors.

Happy Blogger Anniversary to us. We 2 made our first couple of entries in this blog in January of 2007. Sweet Pea does most of the "computer work" ... putting up the pictures, etc. We each have a digital camera. Her pictures usually as good as mine. Way to go, Sweetie.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the puzzle!

Happy Blogging Anniversary :)

Margaret said...

This photo reminded me of how much I loved putting puzzles together as I was growing up. I would still do it if I didn't have four cats (but with cats playing with all the pieces, forget it!, it's worse than making Xmas cookies!). Anyway, I think puzzling puzzles is lots of fun. Oh, and the puzzle shown in the photo is absolutely beautiful. Great job, Sweet Pea! Do another one!
Florence, Italy

Unknown said...

puzzles are fun!

Vickie said...

That's a lot of work! Takes a lot of patience. Stay warm. I'll be inside this weekend too I expect!

IronWaddler said...

I will be indoors also. Great job on the beautiful puzzle.

peter said...

I see the photo of Don in there cleaning the clock of the competition! Only a year you've been posting? Wow. Thanks for the informative information and the beneficial way to look at running that informs us all, Sunshine. Yay for the northlands (says this Yankee boy).