Friday, January 4, 2008

Appreciate: a particular meaning

a particular meaning Appreciate: my word for the New Year. I am thinking of "value" or "cherish" or "delight in" even simply "enjoy".

Not gratitude. Gratitude is more of a giver/receiver situation. Thanksgiving. A good thing, but not what I am thinking of.

I appreciate a funny comment on my first post about appreciate..
(editor's note: I appreciate the comment on this entry.) Oh, I do appreciate every comment.

Appreciate! Appreciate Sweet Pea's cheer in the morning; Runner Don's taking pictures of the food we cook.

I'm thinking I will appreciate the first 5K race of the season.
I will appreciate the streets being clear of ice so I can run outside.
I will recognize a momentary occasion for joy when it appears.

A sunset, a child, a joke, a tender touch, a cheer offered by someone for someone else, the flavor of fresh fruit, a laptop and a cell phone that work, the sound of the dishwasher starting up, the sound of a voice I recognize, a breeze in my face, a new friend, an old friend... maybe you.

Appreciate today as the best day of the year.


Backofpack said...

And I will appreciate you - your good cheer, your positive outlook, your inspiring and encouraging words. Appreciate is good!

Sunshine said...

Oh Michelle, what a lovely lovely response!
You do understand my appreciate word.
I thank you .. for your comments, and oh your wonderful descriptions of your runs. You are a shining light.
I join the many folks who appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

At the moment, I appreciate your blog and my cup of coffee :)

I hope to appreciate my run here in a few minutes, too.

Elaine Merrill said...

Good word, good thought. All the best to you in 2008!

Unknown said...

I appreciate your focus on appreciating. Really.

An excellent word for the year!! For the day!! For the moment!!

Anonymous said...

I am late chiming in here, but I think this is excellent!
And thanks for an always-needed reminder. :)