Saturday, December 15, 2007

Running Indoors.... Baby it's cold outside!

On Thursday evening we ran on the upper concourse of the Twin's Metrodome in Minneapolis. A hundred runners showed up between the hours of 5 and 8:00.
Sweet Pea & Runner Don On Wednesday morning we ran in the bubble in Stillwater, where they keep the temperature at a runner-friendly 50-something.Sweet Pea running Tuesday we ran on the faithful dreadmills at the community center.
Better than outdoors when it is below zero
I got in a little mall-walking while Sweet Pea was at a lesson.
Maplewood Mall Oh joy! The NEW TRACK is installed at the community center! Sweet Pea and Runner Don examined the track surface material.. as runners went by. And we tried it out of course. The new surface runs really good!!At last: love that blue


IronWaddler said...

Great job dealing with the weather.

Backofpack said...

Creative and fun alternatives to outside! How far around is your indoor track? The one at our Y is about 1/6 of a mile.

peter said...

I remember stepping inside the Metrodome and using their bathrooms on the morning of the TCM in 2004. It'd be a fun place to run around in!