Friday, December 14, 2007

Lights in the ice tree!!

Dazzle See the ice tree made with water from a garden hose in our previous post.... Behold! Those folks put lights on the framework before they turned on the water to make the ice.

Wednesday morning we woke up to a fairy world decorated in hoar frost.
No twig left unfrosted This weekend, when we get it organized, we will post pictures of all the places we found to run indoors in this unseasonably cold December.


Backofpack said...

The light tree is beautiful - and unusual! Thanks for posting it for us.

Unknown said...

Interesting. I've never seen anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Hello - Thanks for all the info & pretty pictures. Like the cats.
I have order Spectra 303-T because I do not think Synthroid is doing all it's suppposed to do for me and I can't have pork, which is in Armour. Did it take long for you to see a difference with the supplement? How did you go about elminating Synthroid, please? Thanks so very much for any help. I'll let you know if it works for me. Blessings!

Sunshine said...

Your comment was left without a way to contact you.
Tapering off on Synthroid gradually over a couple of weeks should work.
You could check out Catalicious on my "blogs I like to read"
Sorry you want to stay hidden. It makes me wary to give advice when I don't know where it is going. Good luck.

Sunshine said...

PS to Lorica
I take 2000 units of VitD3 and eat 1-3 Brazil nuts plus a substantial amount of cucumin and also CoQ10.
I'll try to get a new entry written soon about the things I'm doing, but no need to wait for that to get off Synthroid.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your response Sunshine. I am not trying to stay hidden, just not used to using Blogs. My email is if that is what you need. I have already ordered some Spectra 303-T from Nature's Choice. I will take your advice as soon as I get the Spectra.

Boy, if this helps me I will be so grateful! About the Vitamin D 3though, I am a skim milk-alholic and also take Cod liver oil (really improved my eyesight and helps with A.D.D.) but I will check and see if those products mean I am getting enough D3 or not. You are so kind to try to help others out this way. :-)