Thursday, December 20, 2007

Indoor track at sunrise

Sweet Pea We 3 did the indoor track for a couple of hours this morning... each of us at our own speed!

Since Tuesday, we have had a yucky inversion thing that makes running outdoors less healthy (and this isn't even Los Angeles.)


Backofpack said...

Hope that new track felt good! I'm glad you have a safe place to run during nasty weather and nasty inversions. Have a very Merry Christmas!

DawnB said...

Must you make us so jeaulous Sushine!! what a fabulus track!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

DawnB said...

After what you just describe, yes the track is a blessing. Today here it was up to about 56F a little rainy and windy but I'll take it.

Enjoy the holidays.

peter said...

Inversions damaging the air quality in the northlands, what are we coming to? Running in the cozy environs of a small indoor track, that's what December is all about!

Sunshine said...

HO HO HO!! Inversions, followed by an old-fashioned MN Christmas.. not hospitable to runners: On Saturday the temp was 10, the wind chill -7, 17 mph winds. Not quite enough snow for a blizzard, but it rained before the snow came so there is a thick layer of ice under everything. What a mess!

Anonymous said...

Hi...thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment :)

Wow, it must be very cold up there! That's a nice indoor track.