Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Runner Lady in Pink

That's Vickie: ..... the one in pink!
 Grand Rapids Expo
We had planned for many months to do Chicago Marathon on the first weekend in October and Grand Rapids Michigan Marathon on the last weekend in October. Driving home from Chicago we were eagerly anticipating the cooler run in Michigan.
When we arrived at home Don checked on the ferries across Lake Michigan and discovered that the ferries shut down mid-October. Much as we love ferries, the thought of late autumn storms on the Great Lakes ... remember the Edmund Fitzerald that sank to the bottom of Lake Superior? ... was sobering anyway.
But driving around Lake Michigan, either north to the Straits of Machinac or around the south end through Chicago seemed too huge.

Enter Vickie, the cheerful and welcoming Lady in Pink, with all sorts of encouragement to make the trip.

Vickie posted delightful pictures of the marathon and her city.
Vickie's marathon course pictures are available by clicking here:

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

.. on her blog: Running and Tri-ing in River City


Vickie said...

Ah, you are way too flattering! It was a pleasure to meet up with you and your family. I am very glad you could make it!

Sunshine said...

Vickie: You did so much to make our visit a delight!