Monday, October 8, 2007

Historic Marathon !

Chicago Marathon 2007: Sweet Pea and I were among the TEN THOUSAND (actually 10,900) runners who were invited to the finish to receive finisher's medals for a "fun run" after officials stoppped the race at about mile 18, 3 1/2 hours into the race. So, of course we didn't get an official time.

The predicted high of 87 degrees did become reality.

We had an awesome day ... did pretty well at avoiding overheating ... had lots of slow runners for company... spectators were plentiful.
We ran through Lincoln Park ... past the Red Fish where we had eaten our pre-race dinner ... past Nordstrom's ... Macy's on State Street.. Union Station.... on the streets of good and interesting little neighborhoods ... and all sorts of other good Chicago.

Don finished his 26th marathon, his 15th state.

I've got to quit this and finish unpacking... but for sure the bottom line is..
We had an incredible fun time!!


Dori said...

It certainly was historic. Congratulations on your "fun run." I didn't realize you were running the marathon, since you had just finished a big race up North. Glad you didn't have any issues and were able to enjoy yourself. Please convey my congratulations to your daughter and Don.

peter said...

That's so gracious, invited to the finish line early to get your medal. That's a nice way to put it for an impossible situation instead of grousing over it.

Renee said...

Congratulations to you and Sweet Pea and Don! And a finisher's medal for a fun run?!? That's unheard of!

I actually started crying when you said "Macy's on State Street." Just a few years back I took all the pictures I could of Marshall Field's before it went Macy's. Now my hometown is no different than New York, and that makes me weepy.

Well done and I hope you get good use out of your long-sleeved tee shirt!

Anonymous said...
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