Friday, October 19, 2007

Last ride on the Minnesota Zephyr

After the train ride The dinner train will make its last run on New Year's Eve.
Then the tracks will be taken up to make room for a running trail between Gateway Trail and Stillwater.


Nat said...

I didn't know that! That's kind of a bittersweet ending.

DawnB said...

I've never been on a dinner train. Wow, sounds romatic. I bet they are already booked for New Years eve. Aleast something positive is coming out of it. A new trail how exciting!!

Anonymous said...

I was out near the end of its time watching it slowly pass by but i noticed they were running well past new years. Im proud to announce that tht Minnesota Zephyr continues to run today !

Sunshine said...

We did hear that the train was running again. I will try to do a new post about that soon.
And thanks... Whoever you are, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I'm the General Manager of the Zephyr and the Stillwater Grill and I'm proud to say both are up and running again. I happened across your posts and thought I would let you know. If anyone has any questions about the train, feel free to contact me at

All the best,
Scott Isaacson
General Manager
Minnesota Zephyr &
The Stillwater Grill