Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day 2007

Running at the community club every morning: energizing, empowering, good to do together! She and I did 4K today, 6K yesterday and the day before.
Runner Dude always does more and faster, but it works out so well. We all run on the same track and run the same length of time.

Valentine from Runner Dude today: “My forever Valentine.... I love you more than ever.”
Plus a dozen roses... one in each of the colors roses come in.... romance, friendship, etc., a whole conversation in roses.

Walking, running, walking running every day right on through the weekend. Looking forward to it.

A phone call yesterday from the daughter of a woman I knew as church secretary back in the mid-eighties. The daughter called to say her mother had died. I remember Marilyn with such joy and gratitude.

Hopefulness: Myeloma Cancer Guy’s neurological scan showed no peripheral neuropathy in his leg. He can continue the thalidomide, for now.

Valentines Day 2007: Best Day of the Year....It was ours.

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