Thursday, February 8, 2007

Blessings & Running

On the way home from the community center, we stopped to buy some new little light bulbs for the kitchen ceiling track... all because our son brought us a “light show”!!
....... a selection of lower power flourescent bulbs for us to try and to compare.

It is delightful to learn from your matter how young...or old... they are.
Cherishing the opportunity to learn from our children is a family legacy in my family.

I remember my grandmother, a wise and educated woman... But always willing to listen to the ideas of her grandchildren. She could be doing something she had done for fifty years.. And when I suggested an alternative method... She was right there with “You’re never to old to learn” as she switched gears.

“You’re never to old to learn”: an attitude... a legacy.... a response of love .... a blessing.

And so .. We have new lower-power light bulbs in the track over the kitchen counter. They even produce less heat, so the bread on the counter won’t mold as fast!

The run this morning was a nice easy 55 minutes at the CC track this morning... no particular pains... feeling good.
Life is good, says Cancer Man. It is the best day of the year.

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