Tuesday, February 6, 2007

11K on a Snowy Day

Snowy day and a delightfully routine 11K on the indoor track.
No pain, no strain, one K after another.
Yea Beep; Yea Sunshine.

The snow seemed light, temperature outside around zero, huge multiple vehicle pile-up on I35 south of the Twin Cities. Runner Dude cleared the driveway; we enjoyed our usual eggs and oatmeal and lattes... all cozy indoors.

In the afternoon we two did another 48 minutes of laps in the house for 4 more Weight Watchers points. We are beginning a new project to keep our metabolism a little higher. We are both below WW goal weight, but not at optimum weight for the best marathon run.

Later this afternoon we had the gift of a phone call from an old friend, acknowledging that he had received our annual Epiphany letter. It was good to hear his voice and his greetings.

Best day of the year: we rejoice in it!

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