Sunday, May 13, 2012

High Line Garden NYC

Fabulous view of Manhattan as we circled over Brooklyn to land at LaGuardia.

With four and a half hours in New York City, we walked from Penn Station to the amazing garden on the old high line rails, three stories above the street, and a mile long. The garden was featured recently in National Geographic.
Even in April flowers were a delight.
The Empire State Building from the High Line Garden.
Even though hundreds of folks turned out on a Saturday afternoon, there was space for brisk walking.
Here and there, sculptures decorated the gardens.
Nothing boring about the route, with platforms stretching out over city streets
An abundance of varied seating with interesting views
Flowers and flowers and flowers
Glass protection from the wind
More flowers, with some sort of self watering system which I have not studied
These folks are seated over the street, where they can view the traffic passing under, from the left in this picture.
Note the train wheels on the train tack under this seating.
The High Line train delivered food/produce to the third story, out of the way of traffic and pedestrians. Shown here, the train actually passed through some buildings.
Planting among the rails
Great place for children
Displays detail the history
Chalk art
Midway along the mile, looking over Chelsea, where we walked by busy ball parks, and finally to Good Foods store.
Roast turkey in a box and a Starbucks latte for supper before the train ride from Penn Station back to Summit, New Jersey.

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