Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gluten Free Junk Food

For decades we were the eaters of whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, whole grain crackers and chips. Going gluten free four and a half years ago made finding whole grain products much more complicated. These are some labels from our kitchen. I'm not particularly proud of having purchased some of them.

Food products with many more "starch" ingredients can be found on the grocery shelves in stores. My main point in all of this is: "STARCH" is NOT food!

Nice to know there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, but there isn't much real food in this product.
White rice flour and sweet rice flour are pretty much devoid of nutrients or fiber.
And this "whole grain" bread....
 How in the world can it be whole grain with all those "starches"?
 Beats me!
Each of the next 3 labels indicate a soy ingredient.
I question the wisdom of feeding soy to children.
Now how about some real food?
The next three are pasta, cereal, chips:
Whole Grain, NO STARCH
Check this out. Perhaps the prize of all: Whole Grain Quinoa, the grain that has all the amino acids for complete protein, gluten free. Quinoa is easy to cook, versatile to incorporate in meals, nutritious and tasty and gluten free. And of course, oatmeal.....
There is real food that does not come in a package with an ingredient list. I like the idea of food that grows on a plant, not food that is manufactured in a plant.
We eat vegetables, fruit, lean meat (including chicken, turkey, fish). This amazing plate of left-overs includes, chicken with homemade cajun sauce, squash, green beans, spinach with quinoa and organic mustard and a strawberry for garnish.

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