Thursday, March 17, 2011

Land Between the Lakes Marathon . . . Part Two

Grand Rivers, Kentucky
Sweet Pea and I did the 23K... a little more than a half marathon, which gave us the delightful opportunity to view both Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake from the trails.
The registered runner's shirt was a short sleeved technical shirt, a useful addition for most runners.
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.... AND a very good HAT!

The day before the race we drove to the south end of the National Park Reserve on The Trace, a road through the woods, between the lakes. . . .

. . . . where we saw a herd of bison . . .

. . . . acres of daffodils . . .

. . . . and 2 nineteenth century smelting furnaces.
By taking a side road for 3 miles we were able to get a magnificent view of Kentucky Lake.
Sunrise and the 6am start of the races (note runners in the foreground).

Bridge over the Cumberland River, and the beginning of a good race and a good day
After the long drive through the lovely woods on Friday, we were concerned that the trails would give us no views of the lakes. Our fears proved unfounded: Trail along Lake Barkley.

Not only was the trail well-marked, but there were "Not this way" "Go Back" signs to further assure runners of the correct trail.

Mile markers provided complete information. A couple of new bridges were welcome.

Some muddy spots and small stream crossings without bridges, but not any as wide as this stream along the side of the trail.

Bright green moss, even on the south side of hills

Mile 9 for 23K runners and for first time around runners of the longer races, with Kentucky Lake beyond the trees. This part of the race became a challenge for those of us who had done our training in a Minnesota Field House. Maybe we could have found some stairs for training?!

Congratulations to finishers.
Hurrah for the finish line... and hurrah hurrah for volunteers.
Special thanks to the young girl who was still handing out key chains to 23K finishers when we finished.

I can't believe we were so intent on enjoying the amazing snacks (M&Ms, cookies, pretzels, potato chips, bananas, oranges, etc., etc., etc.) that we came away with NO pictures of the great volunteers and their super water-stop treat tables.

At the community center chili and lentil soup made hearty post-race food.

THANKS West Kentucky Runners and Grand Rivers for sharing the
Land Between the Lakes trails!


Dori said...

Congratulations to you for your race! Those are beautiful pictures.

CewTwo said...

Hello young lady!

Still at it I see!

I'm running a high in elevation half with my 90 pound puppy this year!


Beth said...

You guys find the best races! Congrats! Good give away stuff, too!

Elaine Merrill said...

Congratulations indeed! So happy to know you are running in such beautiful places.