Monday, March 14, 2011

Blogging Again!

Picture: three age group awards in half marathons for me in 2010.
In one other half marathon that didn't give age group awards, I was first in age group.
Thanks to Sweet Pea for running with me.

Minnesota has been buried in record snow.

Two perspectives of the St. Croix Field House where we have been running:

Daffodils decorated the hills in the Land Between the Lakes park in Kentucky last weekend when Don ran the marathon and Sweet Pea and I ran the 23K.

That dome, pictured above, did not provide swell hill training for running the Land Between the Lakes trails.
The folks were great; the trail is beautiful; we had a fabulous time.

Be sure to read /
He wrote an interesting report of the Between the Lakes Marathon.


LesleyG said...

Congrats on all the 2010 race success!

I wish daffodils were blooming here already, but soon they will be. Yay!

A Plain Observer said...

The snow looks really pretty. We had enough here this winter that I just want to look at it in pictures.

peter said...

Good to see you back to posting again. i always love your pictures, and congrats on all that hardware!