Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marine on St. Croix

Annual 4th of July 2 and 4 mile race: we all did the four mile.
The race starts at an old historic grade school and drops
around 200-300 feet (We aren't sure) ... while rolling up and down gentle hills.. nearly to the level of the St. Croix River, east of the Twin Cities, in Washington County.

We see running friends at this race, so gathering at registration is fun. POURING rain the hour preceding the race added a different atmosphere this year. Loyal supporters showed up. Participants were hopeful, and the rain stopped entirely before the National Anthem, sung live from the local firetruck.

Big, unfair age groups for old folks... age 60-69! But anyway...
Our 69 year old Don took SECOND place in that age group.

When Sweet Pea and I came in, the woman collecting the timing chips as runners crossed the finish, recognized us, greeted us with a smile, and thanked us for coming again.
With a shortage of competition, I did get a blue ribbon for first in age group. I'm discovering that not many old bats run races.
Keeping Sweet Pea's pace keeps me from overdoing.
And, well, races involve getting out of bed, putting on race clothes and covering the distance to the finish! I'm happy.

The race was fun to do, as usual.
Apologies to our families, who may have already read some of this.

The shirt: We have no idea why 4 blue horses, but it is outstanding.

Happy Birthday, America!


CewTwo said...

There was a Liberty Run in Denver, but I did not run it. I ended up with a cold and somewhat anemic after my recent marathon.
It sounds like you had a fun time. I wish I could have run with you. You always seem to have so much fun.
Now, just so you know, I know it wasn't yourself you were refering to as an "old bat!"

A Plain Observer said...

I also did a race on 4th of July but...oh God, it was sooo hot. My daughter ws overall so that was good